Sheet Mask

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What is it?

Australian-made, anti-aging sheet masks are made with proven ingredients to target your biggest skincare concerns. See instant results while also looking after the long-term health of your skin.  

Why is it unique?

All our masks are made right here in Australia with proven ingredients, and you never have to choose between instant or long-term results. Enjoy instant hydration with ingredients hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, while peptides work to protect your skin from the long-term signs of aging. 

What are the benefits?

The Hydrating sheet mask will:

-        Replenish, moisturise and restore hydration.
-        Protect against future signs of aging.
-        Leave your skin looking dewy, soothed and plumped.

The Brightening sheet mask will:

-        Instantly boost your brightness and improve skin tone.
-        Protect against the future signs of aging.
-        Leaves your skin looking glowing, even, and radiant. 

Our Firming mask will:

-        Renew your skin and promote elasticity.
-        Leave your skin firm, smooth and supple.
-        Protect against future signs of aging.